Movement as medicine

Together with our experts, we look for the “why” behind your complaint

We apply our experiences in professional sports care to all our customers. This means we take a broader approach then you’re used to: in addition to treatment, exercises and coaching, we also provide advice on nutrition and recovery after exercise.

This is what we do


We find the cause of the complaint
We ensure a short recovery

Hands on

We use a hands-on approach in our treatments.

Tailor-made training

Everyone is unique. Our training is custom-made for your specific body and wishes

“We are strong together – Shoulder to Shoulder”

We wish everyone a lot of strength, health and rest in these difficult times. As physiotherapists, we want to support health workers who work hard on the health of sick people in hospitals, and express our support.

ArenaFysio – Team

Lennard Knol – Mayra de Boer – Markus Warnars – Chandra Napitupulu

The ArenaFysio approach

In order to provide you with the best possible support in your recovery, we have developed the ArenaFysio Care plans . These treatment programs are based on our many years of experience and the latest guidelines and scientific literature. Using our 3-phase model we guide you to an optimal recovery. More information about our ArenaFysio approach can be found on our page about physiotherapy .

Our services can be found below. The rates for physiotherapy and physio reimbursement can be found under De Praktijk.

Read more about which physios our team consists of

Our Physio Experts

Lennard Knol

Lennard Knol

Physiotherapist - Osteopath i.t. - Performance Consultant

As co-owner of ArenaFysio he wants to provide the best possible physiotherapeutic care in Amsterdam. Together with a team of highly motivated and motivated physio experts.

Markus Warnars

Markus Warnars

Physical Therapist - Performance Coach - Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Markus is co-owner of ArenaFysio and has a lot of experience in sports care. He propagates his motto, Movement as Medicine,  in various ways.

He adapts the treatment plan to your personal needs.

Chandra Napitupulu

Chandra Napitupulu

Physical Therapist - Personal Trainer - Lifestyle & Health Coach

As the latest addition to the Arena Fysio team, I look forward to ensuring that your goals are achieved through education, coaching and training.

Mayra de Boer

Mayra de Boer

Orthomolecular Physiotherapist - Sports Massage - Lifestyle & Health Coach

My personal goal is to guide people and athletes through physiotherapy and lifestyle guidance. To optimize pleasure, confidence and performance in the body.

Ease, that’s what we stand for

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How can we help you?

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