Did you have surgery on your knee, ankle, hip or shoulder? and are you seeking the best possible rehabiliation proces?

ArenaFysio – Physiotherapy Clinic for Orthopedic Rehab

At ArenaFysio we guide you from the first steps after a surgery, to moving and playing sports as you used to do. With our years of exerience we will guide you through the orthopedic rehabilitation proces.

Did you have a surgery? And do you want the best orthopedic Rehabilitation?


ArenaFysio – Physiotherapy & Orthopedic Rehabilitation

ArenaFysio is a physiotherapy clinic in Amsterdam and they are experts in Orthopedic Rehabilitation, or physiotherapy after a surgery. Our rehabilitation program consists of three phases: from recovery after surgery, to being completely fit again to be able to play sports as you did before surgery.

With our years of experience we will guide you through the rehabilitation proces and tailor the exercise and treatments program to your personal needs. We always start with a throughout medical history taking, before we start treating and tailor the exercise program. By using this approach, we can individualize the program even better, which will help your recovery.

We work closely with doctors to optimize your recovery. For more information about our medical partners and specialists we work with, see:

ArenaFysio – Medical Network

ArenaFysio – Physiotherapy Clinic & Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Personal guidance

Individual tailored programming

Over 30 years of experience in Orthopedic Rehabiliation

My Rehabilitation – What does your rehab look like?

Orthopedic Rehabilitation at ArenaFysio consists of three stages. Below you can read more about it and you will know what awaits you. Of course, every recovery proceeds differently and some people do it faster than others. The phases are therefore an indication and we determine before each appointment whether we can go a step further or do less. In order to start the next phase, we have to meet a number of conditions, which we will discuss during the first appointment.

We are giving you more and more independence , so that you learn what you can do to your recovery promote . See us as the trainer or teacher, who teaches you about your body, what you can do yourself to promote recovery and which exercises are part of that. This way you learn what works best for you, what you feel comfortable with and what you does the best with . .

Recovery fase

Restore after surgery / restore normal mobility. We spend more time in the treatment room during this phase. But you also get exercises for at home. In our Gym you get personal guidance from our experts. We also discuss important things to promote your recovery, such as nutrition and recovery strategies.

Read more about RECOVERY Phase

Building phase

Training and building strength, coordination and stamina. We start with Specific Rehabilitation and we focus more and more on your goals in daily life. In this phase we spend the most time in the Gym. We also start with activities that you already did before the operation, and that you want to be able to do now.

Read more about BUILD-UP Phase

Return-to-Work/Sport phase

At the end of this phase, you have fully recovered. We start with Sport Specific Rehabilitation on the field. You also start training again at your sports club or gym. We build up the load until you can fully exercise again and do everything as you were used to before your injury.


Read more about Return to Work / Sport Phase

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“My children have been treated by this physio, I am very satisfied. He takes his time to listen, very friendly and familiar. In short, top physio 👍
Diana Pocorni

Mother of two kids

“Super fast recovery after meniscus surgery. A nice personal and progressive approach. After 4 weeks an almost complete recovery.”
Yannick Mulder

Tennis Trainer - Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Since March, I have been treating the physios of ArenaFysio because of my hernia. Two therapists have helped me so far. I am very satisfied with both. I like the calm approach, explanation, feedback, exercises and physio treatment. It is worth continuing this one. I can heartily recommend ArenaFysio to others. “
Maks Berhitoe

Former teacher / retiree

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