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ArenaFysio – the place for Performance Coaching


ArenaFysio is specialized in Performance Coaching & Training .

At ArenaFysio coaching and training we many people who want to get more out of their career, want to live healthier and get fitter.

performance coaching: training & performance physiotherapy

ArenaFysio – Performance Coaching & Training


ArenaFysio specializes in performance training & coaching . At ArenaFysio we treat and train many talented athletes and young adults who want to achieve more, and are looking for experienced trainers to achieve this.


Want to know more about this? Read below what your Performance Coaching & Training will look like.

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ArenaFysio – Performance Training

Very experienced in Performance Coaches

Individual coaching & Training

Physical guidance on the field and in the Gym

Sport Physio Screening

Because every person is unique, every sport is different and everyone develops differently, we start our Performance Training Program with an extensive Physical and Mental analysis.

Your Mental status says something about how you deal with setbacks and prepare for matches. By understanding this better, you can get even better and borrow from your setbacks. This makes a big difference compared to other athletes.



ArenaFysio – Screening



Sport Fysio Questionnaire

An extensive questionnaire where we include all important information: mindset; old injuries, medical history; drinking and diet; sleep and recovery strategies.


Physical Sports Physio Screening > Analysis of your physical status. We check your muscle length, joints and any (old) injuries.


Functional Movement Screening Analysis of motor skills

Recovery Strategy

Recovery after workouts is essential to perform better.

At ArenaFysio we teach you what you can do better and which Recovery strategies are best for you.

ArenaFysio – Recovery



Rest & Relax

Sleep and Relax



Moisture and drink during exercise and for recovery



What should you eat to recover? And what should you eat during your sports performance?


Repair & Regeneraion

What should you eat and drink to recover even better? Which exercises help to recover after training and competitions.


Training & Construction phase

We start with an extensive analysis of your physical status. Your motor properties are analyzed and we determine which steps we need to take to help you further.

ArenaFysio – Training



Mindset Training

How can you perform better? And which mental strategies work best for you?


Mobility & Stability Training Improve mobility & stability of muscles and joints


Coordination Training

VImprove your coordination ability in the Gym and on the Sports Field.


Strength & Power Training

Strength & Power training to become better, faster and stronger


Speed & Acceleration Training

Strength & Power training to become better, faster and stronger





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“My children have been treated by this physio, I am very satisfied. He takes his time to listen, very friendly and familiar. In short, top physio 👍
Diana Pocorni

Mother of two kids

“Super fast recovery after meniscus surgery. A nice personal and progressive approach. After 4 weeks an almost complete recovery.”
Yannick Mulder

Tennis Trainer - Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Since March, I have been treating the physios of ArenaFysio because of my hernia. Two therapists have helped me so far. I am very satisfied with both. I like the calm approach, explanation, feedback, exercises and physio treatment. It is worth continuing this one. I can heartily recommend ArenaFysio to others. “
Maks Berhitoe

Former teacher / retiree

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