Heb je een blessure opgelopen? of al langere tijd last spieren, pezen en gewrichten?

ArenaFysio – Fysiotherapie Gein

ArenaFysio is de fysio specialist in Amsterdam Zuidoost & Gein

Have you sustained an injury? or have muscles, tendons and joints been bothered for a long time?

ArenaFysio – Physiotherapy Gein

ArenaFysio is the physio specialist in Amsterdam Southeast & Gein . We are experts in Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Sports Rehabilitation.

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Do you want to be able to exercise and move quickly again without complaints?

ArenaFysio – Physiotherapy Gein

Are you looking for a good physio in Amsterdam Zuidoost – Gein ? Then you are at the right place at ArenaFysio . We are specialists in the field of Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Sports Rehabilitation. You can easily contact us if you live in Gein : we are located near Amsterdam Bijlmer-Arena & Bullewijk Station.

Our patients are very satisfied with our approach: we offer a effective treatment with direct result . With every treatment you will notice that you are doing better, you have less pain and you will move better. With our personal approach we can offer the care that every person deserves for every patient!

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Movement as Medicine






we are open to people with acute complaints and when absolutely necessary.
we offer Online Physiotherapy for people all over the Netherlands

ArenaFysio & Corona-Covid19 Virus Policy

Due to the Corona virus , everyone is limited in their freedom of movement and it is more difficult to contact the physiotherapist.

However, we have been explicitly asked by the GPs and specialists (orthopedic surgeons) to remain open and to help patients when they are not Corona – < have strong> symptoms . Of course we want to relieve the burden on care and are therefore limited open .

In this way, we reduce the demand and pressure from general practitioners and hospitals. In this way, hospital staff can help people with serious illnesses and the Corona virus.

We offer a new service for people who want a quick consultation with a physiotherapist: Online Physiotherapy: the same care and advice, with immediate results, but digitally. If the GP or specialist refers you to us, we will make an appointment at the practice for a physiotherapy intake.

We explicitly adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM and determine daily whether we will tighten or adjust our policy.



ArenaFysio Guidelines

  • We do NOT do hands-on therapy and only train 1 to 1.

  • Bring your own towel. Wash hands before and after using the materials.

  • Use our disinfection products to clean the materials used.


When should you stay at home and NOT come to the practice?


  • Stay home if you have Corona virus symptoms, flu symptoms or a cold.

  • Stay at home when someone in your immediate area has these symptoms.

  • Stay at home if you’d rather not come to the office.


“Together we are strong – Shoulder To Shoulderr”

We wish everyone a lot of strength, health and rest in these difficult times. As physiotherapists, we want to support the healthcare staff who work hard on the health of sick people in hospitals and express our support.

ArenaFysio – Team

Lennard Knol – Mayra de Boer – Markus Warnars – Chandra Napitupulu


















Believe what others say

Our customers trust us

“My children have been treated by this physio, I am very satisfied. He takes his time to listen, very friendly and familiar. In short, top physio 👍
Diana Pocorni

Mother of two kids

“Super fast recovery after meniscus surgery. A nice personal and progressive approach. After 4 weeks an almost complete recovery.”
Yannick Mulder

Tennis Trainer - Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Since March, I have been treating the physios of ArenaFysio because of my hernia. Two therapists have helped me so far. I am very satisfied with both. I like the calm approach, explanation, feedback, exercises and physio treatment. It is worth continuing this one. I can heartily recommend ArenaFysio to others. “
Maks Berhitoe

Former teacher / retiree

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Because we have a lot of experience in back problems ( back pain, hernia, lumbago ), neck complaints > ( whiplash, stiff neck, migraine ) and osteoarthritis ( knee pain, hip osteoarthritis, stiff muscles and joints ) we can help you with our physiotherapeutic approach. We work effectively and efficiently: an appointment quickly and immediate results.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation 

If you have had an operation and want to move back as usual, we can help you with our Orthopedic Rehabilitation . Think of: cruciate ligament surgery, meniscus, broken foot, broken ankle, hip surgery, new knee, shoulder surgery, hernia surgery, or tendon surgery.

Because of decades of experience, we know what makes you better. This way you can move quickly and exercise again as you were used to.

Sports rehabilitation


Have you suffered a sports injury ( groin pain , groin injury, hamstring injury, sprained ankle, twisted knee or lash) you can contact us for sports rehabilitation.

We rehabilitate many athletes: young and old. From sports children & talents, to older people who like to exercise more. With our years of experience, we know exactly what we need to do to make you better.

Our experts

Personal treatment by our experts

Ease, that’s what we stand for

Make your appointment immediately

You easily choose the time when you can. The appointment is immediately in our agenda. Very easy!

– The bruises are for an hour’s intake.

– The green spots are for an intake of half an hour.

Hullenbergweg 250
1101 BV Amsterdam Zuidoost

Monday to Friday
8 am. - 8 pm.