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At ArenaFysio we are specialized in physiotherapy, orthopedic rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation.

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Ideal facilities for your treatments, rehabilitation & training

Physiotherapy Amsterdam Southeast

Bijlmer – Bullewijk – Amstel 3 – Duivendrecht


The ArenaFysio approach After the first session you will experience improvement and get advice with exercises that help to reduce your pain and limitations. With our personal approach from experts who have years of experience, we tailor your Physio program to your needs. Our team of physiotherapists is ready for your question.


De ArenaFysio aanpak

To give you the best possible support in your recovery, we developed the Arena Physio – Care plans. These treatment programs are designed and based on our years of experience and the latest guidelines and scientific literature. Our ArenaFysio 3-phase model guides you to an optimal recovery. You can find more information about our ArenaFysio approach on our page about physiotherapy.


For whom ArenaFysio suitable?

We mainly focus on residents and workers in Amsterdam Southeast , Bullewijk , Bijlmer , Duivendrecht and Diemen. We are easily accessible by public transport, because we are close to Station Bijlmer Arena Station & Bullewijk our practice. It is also possible to park behind our practice, using the ParkMobile app.

At Arena Physio anyone can visit these great Therapy, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Massage & Lifestyle Intervention Combined, looking.

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Movement as Medicine


ArenaFysio is the physio specialist of Amsterdam Southeast (Bijlmer, Bullewijk, Bijlmer-Arena, Holendrecht, Gein, Bijlmermeer, Amstel 3, Gaasperdam, Arena Poort, Amsterdamse Poort, H-neighborhood, K-neighborhood, G-neighborhood, Venserpolder, F- neighborhood) , Duivendrecht, Diemen & Ouderkerk

ArenaFysio Treatment Rooms

We only use well-appointed treatment rooms, where you feel at home. This way you are more comfortable and we can start a successful treatment.

There are many plants in our treatment rooms, because greenery simply brings peace and promotes health.

The ArenaFysio Gym

We use a very well-equipped Gym to optimize your rehabilitation. Because we have been able to design this Gym to our wishes, we have been able to place everything that is necessary for you as a patient.

With us, no other athletes or fitness users who get in the way of your rehabilitation. We are the only ones who can use our Gym. And that is very pleasant, because it gives peace, confidence and a pleasant atmosphere to do your exercises.

Because we look further than you are used to, you can also turn on your own music with us. Music is an essential part of achieving good rehabilitation. But nowhere can the patient turn on their own music, to get extra motivation, or to get a better focus.

But so at ArenaFysio!

The Outdoor fitness of ArenaFysio

We use the Spoorpark to rehabilitate with our patients outside. With this outdoor fitness we can give all sport specific rehabilitation and prepare you optimally for the Return-To-Sport phase.

This way you will experience under supervision that you can exercise without restrictions, and you will gain more confidence. We will also use field rehabilitation on the sports field for athletes.

We also use the Spoorpark to support our motto: Movement as Medicine. Because we teach our patients that exercising outdoors can be fun and is fun to be together.

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– The bruises are for an hour’s intake.

– The green spots are for an intake of half an hour.

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