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Reimbursement for physiotherapy comes from the supplementary insurance , unless it concerns a chronic indication OR you are under 18 years old .

The reimbursement for physiotherapy may differ for each additional insurance policy; and this can also differ from year to year. You should therefore check with your insurer whether and how many treatments you will be reimbursed. This way you avoid surprises. If you are insured for physiotherapy, the treatments are paid for by your health insurer. Read more about this on the next page.

Fees for physiotherapy.

When no compensation given for physiotherapy, you must own the treatments pay . Below you can read more about our rates, when you have to pay for the treatment yourself.


Physiotherapy – Orthopedic Rehabilitation – Sports Rehabilitation


Shift Duration / Time Cost
Intake & Screening & Examination & Treatment

without reference

60 min 79,00 euros
IIntake & Screening (without treatment)
30 min 49,50 euros
Intake & Screening (without treatment) 30 min 49,50 euros
Physiotherapy session – Basic 30 min 39,50 euros
Physiotherapy session – Long 60 min 79,00 euros
Second Opinion Physiotherapy 60 min 75,00 euros
Physical therapy at home 40 min 62,50 euros
One-off Physio Examination 60 min 90,00 euros
Simple Report Physiotherapy 30 min 50,00 euros
Extensive Physiotherapy Report 60 min 75,00 euros
Missed appointments k Logged out <48 hours in advance 75% total amount
Missed appointments Logged out <24 hours in advance 100% total amount

Unsubscribe & Missed Appointment

  • If you cannot come to an appointment, we ask you to cancel this at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise we are unfortunately forced to bill you for the appointment. The insurer pays the non-compliance with commitments. not .



Sports massage – Group sessions – Medical Fitness


Shift Duration / Time Cost
Sports massage – Short 30 min 37,50 euros
Sports massage – Long 60 min 70, 00 euros
Group session & Medical Fitness


Group 2 Persons

1 hour once a week 25,00 euros


at a time

Group session & Medical Fitness


Group 4 Persons

1 hour once a week 17,50 euros


at a time

Group session & Medical Fitness


Group 6 People

1 hour once a week 15,00 euros


at a time



Niet nagekomen afspraak < 48 uur van te voren afgemeld 75% totaal bedrag
Niet nagekomen afspraak < 24 uur van te voren afgemeld 100% totaal bedrag


Read more about Reimbursements at Physiotherapy: Reimbursements for physiotherapy







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