Stiff muscles & joints? Better recovery after your sports performance?

Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

At ArenaFysio we know what it takes to recover well after a sports performance, long day of work or with chronically stiff muscles.


Do you want to move freely again, or recover well after your sports performance?

ArenaFysio – Creating freedom of movement

At ArenaFysio we offer Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage for people who want to recover well after an intense sport performance, or people who have chronic stiff muscles.

What does my appointment look like at ArenaFysio?

If you make an appointment, we will first discuss what your wishes are and what we can help you with. Then we will tell you what the sports massage or deep tissue massage will look like, how many treatments are needed and what else you can expect from us. The goal is always to solve your complaints in the best way.


Sports massage

Sports massage stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation in the muscle, skin and lymphatic system. It can be used as part of a warm-up, for example before starting a sports performance. But it is usually applied after a sports performance, as a cool-down to better remove waste products and to bring the muscle tissue into the correct recovery mode. Sports massage also works preventively so that injuries are prevented because stiffness is less likely to develop.


For which complaints is sports massage suitable?

Optimal recovery after a sports performance.

Residual symptoms after (sports) injuries

Pain due to muscle cramps & muscle stiffness

Supple Muscles & Joints


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is een wat stevigere massage dan Sportmassage. Dit wordt bij ons onder andere ingezet als onderdeel van het lichaamsherstel bij verharde en stijve spieren. Spieren kunnen verstijven door (chronische) stress, chronische ontstekingsverschijnselen, overbelastings-verschijnselen en een verkeerde houding. Door middel van Deep Tissue Massage kan het spierweefsel tot ontspanning komen en ervaart u minder stijfheid. Hierdoor kunt u weer vrijer bewegen en wordt sport- en bewegen minder belastend voor u.


Voor welke klachten is Deep Tissue Massage geschikt?

Nek-, schouder- en rugklachten

Hoofdpijn en migraine

Vermoeidheidsverschijnselen of spanningen door bijvoorbeeld werk of sport

Chronische stijfheid in de spieren


Our experts

Personal treatment by our experts

Be yourself again as soon as possible


Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage provides the following positive effects:


Improving sleep quality


Brings the body into relaxation


Release happiness hormones


Provides a positive mental state


Creates better muscle tone


Removes stored waste


Improves circulation


Contributes to the immune system


Creates body awareness


Provides a positive mental state

Ease, that’s what we stand for

Make your appointment immediately

You easily choose the time when you can. The appointment is immediately in our agenda. Very easy!

– The bruises are for an hour’s intake.

– The green spots are for an intake of half an hour.

How can we help you?

Do you have any questions or are there any ambiguities after reading the above? Send us a message and we will make sure you get clarity.

Believe what others say

Our customers trust us

“I always thought my hamstrings were the problem until I got to Lennard. Turned out I had back problems. Very nice to get to the core. Thank you very much!”



Web developer, climber and surfer

“For years I had recurring complaints from my foot to my lower back. I never thought I would be pain-free again after a few months! Thanks for the tailor-made and effective therapy.”

Fitness instructor

“After an evil knee injury during kitesurfing, Lennard made me fit again with a lot of positive energy and encouragement. Since he had selected very special exercises for my sport, I was not only able to get on my feet again within a short time, I also feel stronger and fitter than before.

Professional athlete

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