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Physiotherapy Amsterdam Zuidoost & Oost

Welcome to ArenaFysio, the physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam South East where you will become fit and healthy again under the guidance of our team of specialists. Sports and exercise without restrictions, or walking and climbing stairs again without complaints. With us, everyone receives the same personal attention.

We specialize in injuries in children playing sports, physiotherapy after surgery such as meniscus or cruciate ligament surgery, physiotherapy at home, back and neck complaints, sports injuries and pelvic complaints. We have a specially developed exercise program for people witharthrosis of the knee and hip which is very effective. And of course you can contact us for Combined Lifestyle Intervention.

Choose which expertise best suits your complaint and make an appointment immediately.

Elizabete Fokrota

Elizabete Fokrota

Fysiotherapeut | Sportrevalidatie | heup revalidatie

“After graduation from my physiotherapy Bachelors, I moved to Ireland to follow Master in Sports and Exercises. After coming back I joined the ArenaFysio team.

My interest lays in orthopaedic and tendon rehabilitation, hip and back related pain and rehabilitation after an operation.



As I am from Latvia, I know the expat life in Amsterdam. That’s why I am specialised in helping you as an expat with physical pain and in need of physiotherapy”

What does our Expat Physio?

Are you suffering from frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, Achilles tendon, scoliosis or rheumatism? Do you have neck, wrist, leg or back pain complaints? For all your physical complaints, physiotherapy is the answer!

The expat-friendly physiotherapists listed below are experienced healthcare professionals trained in diagnosing and treating acute/chronic injuries and joint and muscle problems with pain-free exercises.

No need for a referral from your doctor (GP) and the treatment is (partially) reimbursed by most, if not all, Dutch health insurers. Simply check their availability (including evenings and weekends) and schedule an appointment at your home, office, hotel or local centre!


“I was really happy with the physio help from Elizabete Fokrota. Due to an accident on my bike I suffered a knee injury and needed an operation. With the personal help from Elizabete I could walk normally very fast and during my rehab she helped me also to get fit and string again. 

I would really recommend this clinic. Exellent fascilities!”

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Locatie Amsterdam Zuidoost

Locatie Amsterdam Oost

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Locatie Amsterdam Zuidoost – Bijlmer

Adres (vlakbij Ikea)

Hullenbergweg 250
1101 BV Amsterdam Zuidoost




Onze hoofdlocatie is gevestigd in Amsterdam Zuidoost en uitstekend te bereiken via openbaar vervoer. De praktijk bevind zich op 200 meter loopafstand van Metro station Bullewijk. Gratis parkeren bij onze praktijk en Ikea.

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Locatie Amsterdam Oost – Amstelkwartier


Adres (Amstelkwartier)

ArenaFysio @ AmstelGym
Amstelvlietstraat 1
1096 GG Amsterdam Oost




ArenaFysio locatie Amsterdam Oost/ Amstelkwartier is uitstekend te bereiken met het openbaar vervoer. De praktijk bevind zich op 200 meter loopafstand van Metro station Spaklerweg.

1 euro per uur voor parkeren bij de Gamma (overkant van de AmstelGym).

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ARENAFYSIO is gewaardeerd op ZorgkaartNederland.

Hoofdlocatie Hullenbergweg 250
1101 BV Amsterdam Zuidoost

Locatie Amstelkwartier Amstelvlietstraat 1096 GG Amsterdam Oost

Maandag t/m Vrijdag  08:00 - 20:00 uur

Zaterdag 10.00 - 18.00

Zondag 10.00 - 16.00